With Home on the Range � you are on TARGET!

Home on the Range�
Home on the Range�
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Home on the Range�
No more bullets? Is your shooting off because you can't get enough ammo to practice? Maybe you don't have time to get to the range? Dry firing is a BORE, as well as a good way to develop bad habits. Not any more!! Home on the Range � is a dry fire system that allows you to practice at home - anywhere you can hang the targets! With your main match guns, use a LaserLyte Laser trainer and 3, reactive cowboy style targets to practice with confirmation of your bullseye hits. The LT Pro laser fits 9mm to .45 caliber and only protrudes 1/8" from the barrel. This model makes drawing and reholstering a breeze. Endorsed by the following State Champions: Miss Deleany Belle - NH 2003 and 2004, Single Rose - MA 2005, Lou Graham - CT 2005, Birdie Cage - MA 2006, 2008 and 2009, Emma Goodcook - VT 2007, Ida Mae Holliday - NH 2008, Tazmanian Kid 49er Regional Champion - Nor'easter 2005 and 2008, Snake River Clay Gunfighter State Champion - NY 2006, Dusty Levi's Gunfighter State Champion - NJ 2009, NY 2010, NJ 2010, World Champion Wax Bullet 2010


Home on the Range   Match Set
The Home on the Range Match Set bundles all the pieces you need to recreate a match in your own home. The set includes: 5 cowboy style reactive targets, 4 Pro model laser trainers (to put in your pistols, rifle and Shotgun) and 1 shotgun sleeve adapter.
Home on the Range    Video Demonstration
YouTube demonstration of the Home on the Range dry fire practice system
Home on the Range�   Gunfighter Package
The same great system but with 2 laser trainers for the gunfighters! It still includes the 3 reactive cowboy style targets to practice with confirmation of your bullseye hits.
Shotgun Adapter
Home on the Range � system uni-shotgun adapter includes a 3-piece adabter set, 2 screws instructions
Snap Caps
To help reduce the wear and tear on your match guns while you practice with the Home on the Range system try these snap caps.