"Collecting Brass" with style and convenience!

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Canvas Bags
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Canvas Bags
Quality, convenience, practicality and style. Snap on brass collecting pouch is all you'll need to move your brass from stage to stage. After trying several methods for collecting brass from the unloading tables I felt the best place to collect brass was right in front of my nose. The trick was figuring out how to manage my gun belt... 2 snaps later I had a great place to display a badge and keep the pouch firmly in place.


Drawstring Pouch
This small canvas drawstring sack is useful as a brass bag at the match, or for just keeping your cart organized. It is handmade of 100% cotton duck and is 8" wide by 7"deep. Hang it on your belt and you can keep your hat on at the unloading table!
This haversack is made of 100% cotton duck. It has a heavy duty web strap and is hand made. The bag opens to reveal a compartment in the flap as well as the main compartment. I use mine to separate my brass from my shot shells, also perfect for those of you who shoot more than one caliber. Cowgirls...be creative!